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Our Vision

Family Works supports children/tamariki and their families/whanau to flourish and empowers families who are facing complex challenges.

Our vision is that Aotearoa New Zealand is the best place in the world to raise children/tamariki in flourishing families/whanau.

Our mission is to champion the cause of children/tamariki in our communities and support them and their families/whanau to flourish.

Our values:

  • Recognition of strengths inherent in everybody
  • Accessible and non-discriminating
  • Confident and competent
  • Recognised code of ethics
  • Respectful in dealing with children / tamariki
  • Recognition of the special place of Tangata Whenua
  • Recognition of a multi-cultural New Zealand

The outcomes:

  • Strong healthy families
  • Children / tamariki make good choices
  • Parents / matua with choices
  • Safe children
  • Safe families
  • Safe communities