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Family Works Logo

Concept behind the logo

The Family Works logo was developed with guidance from our kaumatua and in consultation with communities and clients.


The harakeke plant grows in the form of a genealogy/whakapapa/family/whanau framework.

Harakeke would have been used as a fundamental source of survival and well-being for a family to be able to flourish.


The 7 strands of flax represent:

7 main waka that came to Aotearoa;

7 main gods in Maori mythology;

7 synonymous with God and Christianity, symbolic as a number of perfection;

7 Presbyterian Support regions.


Blue representing the sky (Ranginui - sky father), green representing the earth (Papatuanuku - earth mother) and white representing the area in between the earth and the sky.

This is the area where the growth takes place. When the children of Ranginui and Papatuanuku separated as parents, it was so they could create space in which to be free and express themselves as individuals.

This concept has been aligned with the families of today.

Family Works Logo