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Safe, Strong, Connected

Family Works knows that our children/tamariki flourish when families and whānau function well.

We believe that children/tamariki, family and whānau deserve a decent chance; that every family and whānau has strengths, but now and again need help; that they will flourish when they are helped to build upon their strengths; that New Zealand will be better off when children/tamariki are raised in flourishing (strong, healthy, nurturing) families and whānau.


Aotearoa is the best place in the world to raise our children, our tamariki and young people, our rangatahi.


We want all children/tamariki to flourish so we work to support them and their families and whānau, and to champion their cause in our communities:

  • Children and young people with choices
  • Strong, healthy families and whānau
  • Parents with choices
  • Safe children and young people
  • Safe communities.


The principles that guide the way we work with people. Family Works staff and services:

  • recognise the strengths inherent in everybody
  • are accessible and non-discriminating
  • are confident and competent to work with people
  • operate within a Code of Ethics as defined by their profession
  • work with children, young people, families and whānau and individual adults in respectful relationships
  • recognise Te Tiriti o Waitangi as the founding document of our nation and for our relationship with Māori, who are ‘tangata whenua’ – the first peoples of the nation
  • recognise New Zealand as a bi-cultural nation and a multicultural society.